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Wolves, Cougars and Bears

Specialized Tours for Wolves, Cougars and Bears.
Kananaskis, Bighorn Country, Banff NP, Jasper NP. Experienced Guides will take you into the Wilderness, where we will learn about these magnificent animals and try to find them, along with Coyote, Moose, Elk, Deer, Bighornsheep and al the other wildlife. We will use Tracking methodes and Cameratrapping during this program. The areas we will visit have healthy populations of Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf and Cougar. When this trip is planned in winter, Bears will hibernate and we will focus on Wolves and Cougars. In Spring, Summer and/or Fall we wil focus on the three species.
Of course we won’t guarantee sightings, but you will get close….
Location: Rocky Mountains and Foothills, Alberta.

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