Wilderness Leader Onîkânohtêw

Onîkânohtêw  is a Cree word for ‘Leader’.
Part of this course is inspired by the Cree people.

You can use this course as a stepping stone to become a WGA International Wilderness Guide.
But, after you finished this course you can already start guiding in different areas of the world (including the Rocky Mountain National Parks).


The course is made of different short courses, and these course combined will lead to the Certification ‘Wilderness Leader’.

Subjects course 2019
Medic First Aid / Wilderness First Aid 2 Days
Plant Medicine 1 Day
Essential Wilderness Survival skills 2 Days
IGA Apprentice Interpretive Guide
Group management and Interpretation 2 Days
Orienteering, routefinding, planning, hiking and backpacking ( you can chose between a 6 day wintertraining in the Jura or a 5 day spring training in the French Alps)Dates 2019:

Jura: January 25-30

March 30 – April 7
IGA Interpretive Guide
Group Management
Plant Medicine Introduction
Essential Wilderness Survival Skills
Medic First Aid Certification / Wilderness First Aid Basics
Gearlist for this training at Voshaar Outdoor: Wilderness leader Gearlist

French Alps: April 25-29

(It is possible to subscribe for the Jura or Alps in 2019)

Costs: € 1400,-
(exclusive Travel, Insurance, Food, Drinks and Accommodation )
Participants get € 300,- discount on the Wilderness Guide Level 1 program 2019 in Canada.

Register: Wilderness Leader 2019




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