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De Cursus zal gegeven worden door Tracey Klettl, Margot Visser en Tim Mearns.



Technical riding skills

  • Transitions in walk, trot and canter
  • Riding a technical pattern
  • Jumping a small cross rail

Cowboy challenge

  • Each student will individually lead the horse through a course of obstacles
  • Each student will individually ride through the course

Camp set up

  • Equipment
  • High-lines Knots used to set up a high-lin
  • Using a high-line to protect the environment
  • What is a high-line
  • Hobbles

How to prepare your horse for hobbles

  • Setting up a trappers tent

Using a smaller scale practice tent

  • Using some of the packing equipment for camp set up

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Trail Ride

Assessment for trail guide levels

  • Lecture on the kind the kind of horse best suited for the mountains
  • Obstacles encountered

Undercut banks, trees on the trail, bad weather, river crossings, animals

  • Students will take turns leading the group on a trail ride

Route planning and maps

  • Using a map to plan a trip
  • Students will be given different scenarios

Wild first aid

  • Using native plants to provide care to horses in first aid situations

Packing a horse for the back country (2 full days)


  • Indigenous people of Canada and packing
  • Survival
  • Exploration and opening up new country



  • Properly fitting the equipment on the Horse/Mule
  • Sawbuck saddle
  • Decker saddle
  • Crupper
  • Breastplate
  • Modern vs. traditional

Securing the load

  • Weight distribution
  • Barrel hitch
  • Basket hitch
  • Securing a load to a saddle horse
  • Single diamond
  • Double diamond

Leading the pack horse (Mounted lessons)

  • Leading while on the trail (day one)
  • Obstacles course (day two)
  • Modified pack horse race (day two)

Practical use of acquired skills

Students will prepare as if they are doing an overnight trip in the mountains

  • Catching and tacking up
  • Packing the horse (barrel)
  • Trail ride

Students will be given different scenarios eg. Bear encounter

  • Set up the camp

Vervolgopleidingen worden o.a. georganiseerd op locatie in Canada.

Download: Wilderness Wrangler Introduction


Wilderness Wrangler Course

Packing a horse for the back country 


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