NW Guide level 2 Canada

Rocky Mountains (Canada) .

We will spend 10-15 days in Wolf Country. Learning about wolves and Cougars, looking for tracks and signs and with a bit of luck we will see these animals in their natural habitat.
The areas we visit during these days are Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and the Rocky Mountain Foothills close to those Parks.

Date: TBA

We will be in remote country,  trying to track Wolves, Cougars, Lynx, Coyotes and Wolverine.

An Experienced Wilderness Guide (or Guides) will accompany the group during the whole expedition.
Partner on this trip: http://www.mahikan.ca

Other animals we can see are Moose, Wapiti, Deer, Bighorn sheep, Mountain Goat, Bald Eagle and Martens (to name a few).


More information coming up soon.

(C) Martyn LeNoble

Costs: TBA
Participants can apply for ‘Advanced Tracker’ or ‘Tracking Specialist’, depending on knowledge and skills, without extra costs.

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