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Living off the Land

Living off the land, the true story.

We are still working on this program, so stay tuned

‘The Mountain Metis and first Nations of the Jasper National Park area were known as the Asiniwuche Winewak, which means the Rocky Mountain People in Cree.We lived off the land as Hunters and gatherers and later became guides and scouts; we depended on the use of horses to survive. In this program, we share some of the skills that were crucial for our survival, and hope that all our visitors take away useful skills that will serve them in life’

A realistic program, focussed on ‘how to live, thrive and survive’ in harsh Country, like the Boreal Forest.
How do you prepare for the long winter?
How did the First Nations do it?
The first ‘Voyageurs’ learned from the Natives, so will you.
You will learn all sorts of skills and gain a lot of knowledge in this program. In nature, with nature and with respect for everything that lives.

After this program you will know what to do, how to do it and what NOT to do.

The program has three parts, and 4 parts for those  who realy want to challenge their skills and Knowledge. The training in Canada is only possible after pre-training.
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1- Preparation in the Netherlands (or in Canada)
2- 2-3 weeks Canada in Summer (August – Early September)
3- 2-3 weeks Canada in late fall or winter
4- 1 -2 weeks in the Canadian bush, living in nature.



1- In the Netherlands we will prepare for the time in Canada with flora and fauna identification, plant medicine, edible plants, Archery, fishing, Advanced Wilderness and Remote First Aid and Wilderness Living Skills.



We will also use E learning in this program

Between the two trips to Canada there is further training in the Netherlands

2- Our first trip to Canada is in the summer when there are enough edible plants.
How to pepare food for the winter.
Gathering plants and berries.
What plants do we use, how do we use them and for what
Living with big predators like bears and cougars
Crafting / Bushcraft / Wilderness living skills
Hide Tanning
Making clothes
Equestrian travel – Back Country Horseback trip
Plant Medicine


3- The second trip to Canada is under tougher conditions, late fall or in winter.
We will participate in a hunt. Learn how to fielddress, clean and prepare an animal, how to use all parts of the animal with respect for the animal.
NB: Participants won’t shoot an animal themselves. We leave that part to the people that have been doing it for all their lives, to feed their family.
Hunter Education Program
Tracking, stalking animals
Making tools for the winter (egg. Snowshoes)
Gun handling
What can we gather in winter, what plants are still available.
Wilderness living skills, focussed on Winter
Traps and traditional hunting tools

4- The last trip to Canada is ± 2 weeks.
After a short while of preparing we will go into the Wilderness as a team.
Try to live in and with Nature. We try to take a minimum of tools and gear with us.
The final goal is to only carry a knife.

‘The more you know, the less you carry’


Costs, Inscription and dates: TBA

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